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Kunisada Woodblock

Japanese framed woodblock print by Kunisada £88.00 Stock No. 6777

Moorish Chair

19th Century Moorish hardwood chair with bone inlay £200.00 Stock No. 6861

Moorish Armchair

19th Century Moorish hardwood armchair with bone inlay £270.00 Stock No. 6860

Chinese Pot

Brown glazed pottery Chinese pot with dragons £78.00 Stock No. 6812

Indian Brass Water Pot

Indian brass water pot with all over embossed decoration. £78.00 Stock No. 6811

Japnese Bronze Vase

Antique Japanese bronze vase with decoration of birds amoungst trees £88.00 Stock No. 6799

Chinese Vase

Chinese vase with warriors £68.00 Stock No. 6638a

Chinese Lamp Table

Heavy carved Chinese lamp table £220.00 Stock No. 6558

Chinese Lamp Table

Heavy carved Chinese lamp table £280.00 Stock No. 6559

Large Japanese Trumpet Vase

Large porcelain Japanese trumpet vase with blue, green and red decoration. A/F £120.00 Stock No. 6523

Persian Brass Dish

Persian/Middle Eastern wide rimmed brass dish £48.00 Stock No. 6508

Chinese Carving

Chinese carved wood panel in red and gilt £68.00 Stock No. 6447

Chinese Lamp Table

Well carved Chinese lamp table with marble top. £220.00 Stock No. 6431

Middle Eastern Table

Middle Eastern table with carved wood base and brass tray £120.00 Stock No. 6435

Chinese Cabinet

Chinese wooden cabinet with brass fittings £168.00 Stock No. 6341

Chinese MOP Panel

Chinese MOP inlaid panel £48.00 Stock No. 6213

Chinese wall Panel

Carved Chinese wooden wall panel £160.00 Stock No. 6218

Chinese Imari Pattern Bowl

18th Century Chinese Imari pattern bowl £48.00 Stock No. 6221

Chinese Landscape Bowl

Chinese blue& white bowl with painted landscape. £60.00 Stock No. 6222

Large Chinese Floor Censor

Large brass floor censor decorated with dragons. £98.00 Stock No. 5430

Large African Figure

Large wooden African male figure. 27" Tall £98.00 Stock No. 5219

Chinese Phoenix Vase

Chinese vase mid-20th Century with a phoenix design. £48.00 Stock No. 4994

Japanese Bronze Bowl

Well decorated Japanese bronze bowl with a eight character mark on the base. £68.00 Stock No. 4543

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