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Mahogany Cellarette

A Georgian mahogany cellarette £350.00 Stock No. 6882

Childrens Horse

Antique wooden chidrens horse on a stand £98.00 Stock No. 6872

Dark Red Rug

Middle Eastern dark red rug 160 x 88 cm £88.00 Stock No. 6859

Middle Eastern Rug

Blue & wine Middle Eastern rug 160 x 84 cm £88.00 Stock No. 6858

Red & Blue Turkish Rug

Red & blue vintage Turkish rug. 204 x 120 cm. £120.00 Stock No. 6856

Bible Box on Stand

18th Century carved oak Bible box on a later Victorian stand £230.00 Stock No. 6813

Tramp Art Jewel Box

Nice early Tramp Art jewel box with drawer £90.00 Stock No. 6666

Tramp Art Tobak box

Early Tramp Art Tobak box £58.00 Stock No. 6657

Wooden Horse

Child's wooden horse on base £220.00 Stock No. 6793

Folk Art Box

Well carved folk art box with hinged lid £98.00 Stock No. 6800

Vintage Wooden Toy Wagon

Wooden Toy Wagon with sliding doors, couplings and wooden wheels. 11 X 5 X 8 inches £68 Stock No: 6753

Mirror with metal head

Small mirror with detailed metal decoration £120.00 Stock No. 6682

Antique Folk Art Stool

Early folk art stool £48.00 Stock No. 6654

Large Tramp Art Box

Large Tramp Art box £138.00 Stock No. 6667

Small Tramp Art Box

Smaller Tramp Art fitted box £48.00 Stock No. 6662

Small Bench

Small Oak bench £70.00 Stock No. 6617

Mahogany Whatnot

Victorian mahogany whatnot stand £110.00 Stock No. 6542

Vintage Child's Rocking Horse

Vintage wooden rocking horse and ride on horse £88.00 Stock No. 6217

Large Gilt Mirror

Large French gilt mirror with worn plate. £220.00 Stock No. 6463

Antique Rustic Stool

Antique rustic stool with date 1857 £180.00 Stock No. 6408

Shallow Pile Cream Rug

Shallow pile rug with cream ground and tassels. 154 x 77 cms £68.00 Stock No. 6422

Liberty Japanese Table

Carved wooden table made in Japan for Liberty in the early 1900's £240.00 Stock No. 6434

Early Tramp Art Box

Good example of an early Tramp Art box £96.00 Stock No. 6410

Mahogany Pembroke Table

19th Century mahogany drop flap table with drawer. £120.00 Stock No. 6395

Rosewood Piano Stool

Victorian rosewood piano stool with heavy carving all over. £78.00 Stock No. 6371

Lions Head Table

Heavy carved lions head side table £140.00 Stock No. 6368

georgian Corner Washstand

Mahogany Georgian corner washstand £98.00 Stock No. 6340

Victorian Deeds Box

Large oak Victorian deeds box. Carry handles with hinged cover. £120.00 Stock No. 6270

Antique Chess Set

Antique wooden boxed chess set £48.00 Stock No. 6200

Prie-Dieu Chair

Victorian Mahogany Prie-Dieu chair with needlework upholstery £135.00 Stock No. 6179

Chinoiserie Table

Victorian Chinoiserie two tier side table £170.00 Stock No. 6156

Mahogany Hall Chair

Victorian mahogany hall chair with turned supports and a cartouche and C scroll back £88.00 Stock No. 6178

Child's Wooden Chair

Vintage child's wood chair. £48.00 Stock No. 6120

Smokers Bow Chair

Edwardian Smokers bow chair. £88.00 Stock No. 6100

Antique Box Files

Wooden box files with brass fittings. £80.00 Each Stock No. 6051/6052

Filling Cabinet

Six drawer filling cabinet by Libraco, London. £160.00 Stock No. 5472

Wooden Pillar

Wood pillar with marble effect paint £140.00 Stock No. 5412

Vintage Kilim Cushion

Vintage Kilim cushion £48.00 Stock No. 5428

Vintage Kilim Cushion

Good sized vintage Kilim cushion £48.00 Stock No. 5427

18th Century Carved Figure

Carved wooden figure of a man in a robe. On a newer wood base. 15" high. £160.00 Stock No. 5174

Musical Wall Panel

Wood and brass wall panel with musical motifs. 65cm high. £68.00 Stock No. 4877

Hall Chair

Carved and turned ebony hall chair. £110.00 Stock No.4609

Large Footstool

Carved footstool of large size, small carved sections on each side. £80.00 Stock No. 4583

Large Antique Wooden Corbel

Large and heavy antique carved wooden corbel. £198.00 Stock No. 4398

Arch Panel

Heavy church arch panel £70.00 Stock No. 4267

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