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Antique Sin Covered Toy Horse

Victorian toy skin covered wooden horse £155.00 Stock No. 6884

Pair of Religious Plaques

Pair of wooden carved religious plaques £380.00 Pair Stock No. 6881

Church Alter Candlestick with Seven Branches

Brass Church Alter candlestick with seven branches £120.00 Stock No. 6495

Alter Candlestick with Five Branches

Brass Church Alter Candlestick with five branches £110.00 Stock No. 6848

Giorgio Armani Large Display Glasses

Vintage Armani shop display large glasses £150.00 Stock No. 6823

Marriage Mirror

19th Century French Marriage mirror £220.00 Stock No. 6871

Alter Crucifix

Ornate metal Alter Crucifix £90.00 Stock No. 6647

Brass Barleytwist Candlestick

Brass pricket alter barleytwist candlestick £66.00 Stock No. 6870

Pair of 17th Century Turret Clock Hands

Pair of copper turret clock hands £138.00 Stock No. 6801

Pair of Brass Candlesticks

Pair of short brass alter candlesticks £120.00 Stock No. 6795

18th Century Alter Candlestick

18th Century silvered alter candlestick £88.00 Stock No. 6790

Early Religious Panel/Door

Early Religious Panel/Door from Groenendael Priory south of Brussels. Fons Salutis-source of salvation on tree of life. 40x12.5 inches £225 Stock No:6725

Pinboard Screen

1960s Pinboard Panel 26x22 inches, slight nips in top two corners but would make a great light box front! £78 Stock No:6758

Oil of a Lady

Antique oil on canvas of a lady £148.00 Stock No. 6650

Oil Young Girl by River

Signed and dated oil of a young girl sitting by the river. £185.00 Stock No. 6722

Antique Child's Working Oven

French cast iron gas oven £240.00 Stock No. 6637

Pair of 17th Century Alter Candlesticks

Pair of brass 17th Century dated candlesticks with engraved decoration £320.00 Stock No. 6720


18th Century statue of St Antony £295.00 Stock No. 6721

Circus Art Board 3

Painted circus art board £60.00 Stock No. 6604

Circus Art Board 2

Painted circus art board £60.00 Stock No. 6603

Circus Art Board 1

Painted Circus art board £60.00 Stock No. 6602

Large Alter Candlestick

Large brass Alter candlestick £120.00 Stock No. 6611

Small Pricket Candlestick

Small Alter pricket brass candlestick £68.00 Stock No. 6598

Sir William Blake Richmond RA

Pencil sketch of a nude male by Sir William Blake Richmond in 1859 when he was 17. £180.00 Stock No. 6399

Arts & Crafts Tabernacle Crown

Arts & Crafts Tabernacle crown with beaten metal decoration £295.00 Stock No. 6450

Presentation Firemans Helmet

1980's Dutch presentation Firemans Helmet on wooden stand £70.00 Stock No. 6480

Large Church Candlestick

Large brass alter pricket candlestick £95.00 Stock No. 6462

Vintage Pond Yacht

Edwardian pond yacht £128.00 Stock No. 6377

Oil of a Gentleman

Good oil on canvas, larger size of a gentleman £230.00 Stock No. 6345

Oil of a Lady

Oil on canvas of a lady in gilt frame £160.00 Stock No. 6365

Wax Mary Bust

Small wax bust of Mary. £38.00 Stock No. 6318

Wax Mary Plaque

Wax high relief plaque of Mary £88.00 Stock No. 6225

Wax Jesus Plaque

A wax high relief plaque in a gilt frame of Jesus. £98.00 Stock No. 6224

Brass Five Tree Candlestick

Brass five tree candlestick £88.00 Stock No. 6302

Five Tree Candlestick

Brass Five tree candlestick £88.00 Stock No. 6301

Oil of Lady in Sunday Best Outfit

Oil on canvas of a Lady in an ornate gilt frame £180.00 Stock No. 6277

Nude Oil on Canvas

Oil painting of a Nude lady, signed and dated. £110.00 Stock No. 6286

Stations of the Cross

Set of wooden Stations of the cross. £60.00 Stock No. 6199

Tabernacle Door

19th Century Tabernacle door with carved lamb of God. £120.00 Stock No. 6247

Delft Blue & White Dish

18th Century Delft blue & white dish £70.00 Stock No. 6233

Delft Blue & White Dish

18th Century DElft blue & white dish £70.00 Stock No. 6234

Delft Blue & White Dish

18th Century Delft blue & white dish £70.00 Stock No. 6235

Wax Picture

Round framed wax picture after the classical. £52.00 Stock No. 6117

16th/17th Century Mary & Jesus

Well carved early wood Mary & Jesus. With original paint £340.00 Stock No. 6078

Oil of Lady in Sunday Best Outfit

Oil on canvas of a Lady in her Sunday best outfit. In a gilt carved frame. £160.00 Stock No. 6074

Nymphes Au Bain

Antique engraving £48.00 Stock No. 6099

Large Tramp Art Crucifix

Amazing Tramp Art Crucifix dated1907. £220.00 Stock No. 6007

Tramp Art Crucifix

Ornate and well made Tramp Art Crucifix £130.00 Stock No. 5563

Tramp Art Cruicifix

Early 20th Century Tramp Art crucifix £88.00 Stock No. 5553

Large Pencil Drawing

Large framed 20th Century pencil drawing of a girl in the trees. £88.00 Stock No. 5485

Pair of Brass Student Lamps

Pair of Victorian brass candle student lamps £168.00 Stock No. 5480

18th Century Carved Panel

18th Century French carved wood panel with gold and gesso £198.00 Stock No. 5517

18th Century Christus

18th Century carved and painted remounted on a 19th Century stand £580.00 Stock No. 5391

Early 20th Century Candlestick

Brass five tree candlestick of a early 20th Century design. £77.00 Stock No. 5378

Flower Candlestick

Six tree brass candlestick in a flower design £78.00 Stock No.5377

Brass Five Tree Candlestick

Brass five tree candlestick with flower decoration. £80.00 Stock No. 5376

Brass Five Tree Candlestick

Brass five tree candlestick with twisted stem £88.00 Stock No. 5375

Seven Tree Candlestick

Brass seven tree candlestick with flower decoration £110.00 Stock No. 5374

18th Century Portuguese Saint

Large wooden carved colonial Portuguse figure of a saint. 18th Century. £580.00 Stock No. 5280

Pricket Brass Candlestick

Antique pricket brass candlestick with claw feet. £78.00 Stock No. 5177

17th Century Stoneware Flagon

17th Century saltglazed, stoneware flagon. 14" high. £60.00 Stock No. 5165

Large Brass Alter Candlestick

19th Century brass alter candlestick, 28" high. £90.00 Stock No. 5124

Oil of a Lady by Jacob

Oil on canvas of a lady with a dark background. Signed A M Jacob. Tear bottom corner. 18" x 22" £95.00 Stock No. 5011

20th Century Oil

Oil on canvas portrait of a man in a suit. Dated 1970 and signed Z. Canvas 19" x 24" In a carved gilt frame. £140.00 Stock No. 4845

Pewter Plate

Large 18th Century pewter plate with stamps on reverse. £45.00 Stock No. 4505

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